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We are the people that help other people to get their Dynamics Ax working, hence pAXple, the Dynamics Ax people.

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Paxple is a Microsoft Dynamics Ax (now known as Dynamics 365FOE) implementer. Our core consulting team has been implementing Dynamics Ax from the early Axapta version 2.1 to now Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation Enterprise Edition (D365FOE). The name Paxple, is a word combined from two words, Dynamics Ax and People. We believe in order to deliver a successful Dynamics Ax implementation, it is not just about the features and functions of Dynamics Ax, it is about the people, and how people come together with those features and functions to form effective business processes. Our team knows quite a bit on the nice and fancy features of Dynamics 365FOE, that's what our clients and everybody wants. But we also know, a lot more on the not so nice, and not so pretty sides of Dynamics 365FOE, knowledge that helps us to keep Dynamics 365FOE running and behaving, for smooth day to day business operation of our clients.

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People + business processes + Dynamics 365 features functions. An implementation is getting the 3 working together, towards the business objectives of a business organization. We run our implementation using Dynamics 365 sure step methodology. To us, an implementation starts during the system evaluation stage. At evaluation, we help to assess your business requirements, letting you know how the system can help you, but most important of all, informing you upfront, which of your business processes that are different from D365FOE before you committing to the new system.

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"Oh, You mean my Axapta can actually do that? How come I don't know? We have been using this Axapta for 12 years, and all these while we have been using a spreadsheet to track that. Hmm…. Can you tell me what else we don't know?" 

This was a conversation we had with one of our clients the other day, it was on an issue with advance payment resulted in double payment to vendor, and they were not aware of their 12 years old system capabilities in managing that. We heard that many time, companies spent millions on system, but once the system has gone live, they just use it to execute the routine processes. Users do not know how else Dynamics 365FOE can help them, the trainings are just cut off once the system has gone into operation mode. 

At Paxple, we don't just conduct trainings, we try first to understand your needs. We conduct training assessment for you. The assessment results help you to pin point your training needs. And our in house MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) will work with you to plan out the right trainings for your users. For e.g. it could be a full features functions standard trainings to give users the awareness on the full capabilities of Dynamics 365FOE, so that they can relate those system features to their daily challenges. Or it could be just a simple retraining to your new recruits on your existing processes.



"My month end closing deadline is tomorrow, I have this list of projects in Dynamics 365FOE that somehow I cannot close, if I don't get them closed, my only way is to go through the transactions one by one to come up with an estimation, its time consuming and I don't think I'll get to sleep tonight. I really need your help to get this resolved for me." An accountant conversation with us during one of the month end. This is not uncommon thing to hear in our line of work. 

As we human are giving up more and more of our works to software systems, the consequences of software hiccups are becoming more severe, for e.g. delay in financial closing, wrong items shipped to customers, inaccurate stock values, unable to bill. The end results are frustrated employees and angry customers which ultimately affect the business bottom line. 

At Paxple, we provide help desk supports. The job of a help desk consultant can be stressful, nobody likes to get a call at 6pm, for an urgent case expected to be resolved by 8 am tomorrow morning. But on the other hand, it can be gratifying. There are not many job where people are so willingly to tell us in detail on how they carry out their tasks. We get to be in the shoe of an accountant, a production planner, a purchaser or a sales administrator during the duration of a case. We like the part where we work with users to trace, to check, to simulate, and to provide a solution or work around to help them get over the problems. The satisfaction come from knowing that we have made an impact in people's work life, and seeing the system really mean something to someone when it is put into practical used. 

Paxple offers hours based or comprehensive support plan. Talk to us to see how we can assist you

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From the beginning, Axapta (former name of Dynamics 365FOE) was designed with easy customization in mind. The tagline then was "If you can dream it, Axapta can do it". Unlike today, Axapta didn't have a lot of features functions then, but whatever standard Axapta couldn't do, it can be achieved through customizations. Dynamics 365FOE was, and still is one of the easiest ERP to be customized. The ease of customizations capabilities of Dynamics 365FOE is both a blessing and a curse. Through customizations, Dynamics 365FOE can handle very unique business processes, but don't overdo it. Over customizations of Dynamics 365FOE leads to unstable system, delay in implementation, budget overrun, high support and maintenance cost. In Paxple, we believe the best Dynamics 365FOE customization we can help you to do, is no customization. We always try to help our client to exhaust all standard system capabilities before embarking on a customized solution. And when it comes to programming, the greatest attention should be given to the design, don't end up too little design but too much coding. Talk to us, we provide customization services within Dynamics 365FOE or outside using Power BI or other tools.

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My clients are my number one priority, and I’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with my work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? My services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Contact me today to discover how I can help.


Who We Have Worked With


Boustead Plantations Bhd, one of the largest oil palm plantation company. Paxple works with them to get their Dynamics Ax system up, getting it integrated with their mills and estates systems.


TDM Berhad uses Dynamics Ax to support their plantations and healthcare businesses. Paxple provides supports and helps TDM to implement Dynamics Ax, with integration linking to plantations and hospital systems.


Hunter Douglas Asia uses Dynamics Ax. Paxple assists Hunter Douglas to get Dynamics Ax to run their business operation from financial, logistics, manufacturing to project.


Have a particular Microsoft Dynamics Ax challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact us today and let us help you get you back on track!

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